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Software and data science so growers can build
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From each seed to every field, Granular gives you the tools to meet challenges across your entire operation

Maximize yield with data-driven
crop models

Improve teamwork efficiency
and communication

Measure profit down to
the field-level

Simplify farmland research
and transactions

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Take the guesswork out of scouting and catch problems faster

  • Monitor your entire operation any time, anywhere with high frequency satellite imagery
  • Get a weekly list of top fields in need of your attention sent straight to your inbox
  • Quickly pinpoint where you need scout in advance by referencing a WDRVI-powered Vegetation Index map layer
  • No cell reception? No problem. Download imagery to your phone and go

Improve your efficiency, teamwork, and profitability on every acre

  • Easily track profitability at the field-level that updates in real-time so you always know where your business stands
  • Improve your team’s efficiency and accuracy with automated task management tools
  • Capture workflows to better manage valuable input and crop inventories

Improve yields and optimize your inputs with season-long support

  • Optimize nitrogen applications by leveraging our decades of agronomic and analytics expertise
  • Use variable-rate seeding prescriptions customized to your advanced soil classifications, hybrid performance and other factors
  • Maximize soil productivity with fertility management recommendations specific to your budget and the way you farm

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