Field health imagery and custom agronomy recommendations to help you grow efficiently

“Encirca saved us $22 an acre in trials this year - we owe a lot to them because saving $22 an acre on a thousand acres is a tractor payment.”

Tanner Meincke,  Kasson, Minnesota

See Your Crop Health Every Day

Take the uncertainty out of where and when to address crop health issues with daily satellite images by Encirca Imagery

Optimize Inputs and Maximize Yield Potential with Encirca

Encirca services delivers customized predictive insights for your crop production with right product, right rate, right location, and right time input optimization

Our Most Popular Agronomic Benefits

See Every Acre, Every Day

Satellite imagery enables you to view all your fields from anywhere

Get Advance Warning on Crop Health

Treat issues early with proprietary crop health difference maps

Save Time Scouting

Direct your crew to areas with deficiencies, pest or weather damage, or equipment issues

DuPont Pioneer’s Agriscience

Data science models “ground truthed” against global testing data

Manage Nitrogen

Hit yield targets using predictive models and real-time monitoring tools

Variable Rate Prescriptions

Profitable nutrient rates based on field variability

Product Performance

Place optimal hybrid or variety by soil management zones

Field Planning Tools

Design your best game plan and back up contingency plans

Bottom Line Insights

Powerful analytics combined with your personal field data for better decisions

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