Make Every
Input Count

Take control of field variability with expert advice
and custom prescriptions all season long.

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Getting the most out of every input while hitting your yield targets relies on knowing when, where, and how much to apply.

Every recommendation we provide, from baseline soil fertility to yield bumping late-season input applications, is backed by decades of field-tested, proprietary research and based on patented Decision Zone technology that accounts for weather, soil and topography, irrigation and crop modeling.

Seed Prescriptions That Hit Yield Targets

Get agronomic expertise and advice all season from your dedicated Certified Service Agent (CSA) who:

  • Your CSA delivers variable-rate seeding prescriptions customized for each hybrid on every field
  • Choose minimum and maximum seeding rates based on yield targets
  • Includes in-season crop stand evaluation and consultation

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Fertility Management to Boost Soil Productivity

  • Custom prescriptions make the most of every nutrient to meet yield targets and stay in budget
  • Includes variable-rate prescriptions for phosphorous, potassium and lime by your farm’s distinct Decision Zones
  • Access a local state-specific university nutrient calculator or work with your CSA to build a customized nutrient calculator

Add on Nitrogen Monitoring and Management

  • Custom nitrogen prescriptions and application timing result in higher yield, more precise applications, and lower input costs
  • Daily nitrogen monitoring accounts for variability across your entire operation and down to the sub-field or Decision Zone level
  • Recommendations are based on our industry-leading Nitrogen model powered by Corteva’s agronomy science and analytics

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When Precision Matters

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Our CSAs are agronomic experts, trained in our software and Corteva’s field-tested crop modeling and proprietary research.

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Manage Variability
& Save Time

Your dedicated CSA is by your side, all season, managing the variables that impact fertility and yield.

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Gain Soil Productivity
& Stay in Budget

Get variable rate seeding and fertility prescriptions based on your farm’s soil, topography, satellite imagery, and historical yield data.

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Adjust Plans

Your CSA will modify recommendations in-season based on weather and other conditions for the greatest returns and yield impact.

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Catch & Correct
Issues Earlier

Near-daily 3-meter satellite imagery shows in-field changes with WDRVI. Weekly email alerts tag where to scout first, and GPS pinpoints your exact location in the field.

See how Granular Agronomy
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