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Optimize Your Inputs while Maximizing Yield

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Advanced Seeding Sets Your Fields Up for Success

With our advanced seeding recommendations, you not only get prescriptions for every field, but you can also manage seeding for multiple hybrids per field.

  • Generate variable-rate prescriptions for Pioneer® brand products and other brands for corn and soybeans
  • Customized for each of your hybrids on all of your fields and delivered in a single shapefile
  • Ability to customize minimum and maximum seeding rates
  • In-season crop stand evaluation and consultation

Manage Nitrogen to Hit Yield Targets But Not Over-Apply

Leverage Pioneer’s decades of agronomic expertise and strategic collaborations in weather data and soil mapping to get nitrogen insights and recommendations specific to the way you farm, all season long.

  • Variable-rate prescriptions by Decision Zones, based on advanced soil classifications, historical yield data and field-level weather
  • Application timing recommendations
  • Field-by-field nitrogen monitoring
  • Nitrogen plan simulations customized for each field
  • Industry-leading nitrogen model powered by Pioneer’s agronomy science and analytics

Maximize Soil Productivity with Cutting-Edge Fertility Management

By utilizing advanced soil type classifications and enhancing them with your multi-year yield history and crop removal rates, we can provide unmatched precision recommendations to enhance the soil productivity on your operation.

  • Optimize nutrient allocations to help meet yield targets while staying within your budget
  • Variable-rate prescriptions for phosphorus, potassium and lime by distinct Decision Zones
  • Customizable nutrient calculator and state-specific university nutrient calculators

Use satellite imagery to efficiently identify problem areas faster

Maximize your boots-on-the ground efforts by using our high frequency imagery. You’ll save time and protect yield by addressing crop health issues earlier, and our vegetative index and health change layers will deliver insights to direct your scouting to where it matters most.

3-meter images proactively identifies issues

Mobile access anytime, anywhere

Avoids images with no information

Directs scouting efforts to save time

Complements or lowers costs of planes and drones

Behind Every Great Farm is a Great Team

Tools and analytics are just the start. Your Granular Agronomy rep provides season-long consultation and support. They're with you every step of the way, from planning before the season kicks off, to advising as you make those critical in-season decisions. By developing customized recommendations for you, your Granular Agronomy rep can help you:

  • Apply the right rate with confidence
  • Make applications when they matter most in-season
  • Tweak plans based upon weather and other variables
  • Analyze yield data and incorporate insights to boost the next year’s decisions

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