AcreValue Announces Comp Sales

September 13, 2016

AcreValue Announces Launch of Comp Sales Across More Than 2,500 U.S. Counties

Newest feature makes it easier to research land sales and provides comprehensive view of farmland

SAN FRANCISCO – September 13, 2016 – AcreValue, the free online farmland valuation tool developed by Granular, announced the addition of Comp Sales to its platform, allowing users to see what land sold and at what price over the past 2.5 years in a particular area. Having comparable sales data makes it even easier to get a comprehensive view of the land market, and with this feature AcreValue becomes the first ever map-based tool to display actual agricultural land sales sourced from county public records.
With the availability of this information on the site, AcreValue enables users to stay up to date on land prices and sales activity, since they will no longer have to visit the county courthouse to access public records, rely on information published by brokers, or hear about recent sales via word of mouth.
“AcreValue has very quickly become the go-to place to access information about farmland, anywhere, anytime. Our registered user base has grown more than 700% this year. With Comp Sales, we’re able to give our users one more tool to help them make important land purchase and rent decisions, especially as we hit the time of the year when sales activity starts to pick up,” said Tamar Tashjian, General Manager of AcreValue.
Accessing this on AcreValue is simple and straightforward. Users interact with the map to get a quick view of the sale prices of land in a particular area. They can also generate detailed reports with more information about each individual sale, including price, the location and boundaries of sold parcels, and the names of the buying and selling parties. This data is now available alongside the information that users are already routinely access on AcreValue: soil productivity, soil and aerial maps, and 5-year land use history.
With land values having declined by almost 25% over the last 3 years in some areas of the country, having readily available information about actual market activity is critical to farmers, landowners, brokers and other industry professionals. AcreValue provides a source of truth, and eliminates the need to physically visit county offices or navigate through county multiple county or broker websites by having this information centralized, intuitively organized, and regularly updated.
As all other existing features on AcreValue, Comp Sales is free for all users.
Media Contact: Agustina Sacerdote (646) 610 0296

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