AcreValue Releases Custom Boundaries

AcreValue is the premier online land intelligence tool used by U.S. landowners, farmers and land professionals for farmland research and analysis. Our comprehensive and searchable platform includes historical sales records, broker listings of land for sale, parcel data, ownership information, land values, land use histories, soil maps, productivity data, and more.

On AcreValue, users have long been able to select parcels and generate reports either by real estate tax parcel boundaries or Common Land Units (USDA, FSA tillable boundaries) with a single mouse click. Using existing public boundaries is lightning fast and convenient.

But our users asked us for additional flexibility and a more customized mapping experience, and we have provided it! We now have tools which allow you to draw your own boundaries. So, you now have the flexibility to map properties using parcel boundaries, CLUs, or your own custom boundaries. And as always, you can quickly name, save, download, and share your reports with others.

For Landowners and Farmers:

Landowners and farmers can use this feature when considering selling or renting part of their land:

  • Draw the smaller parcel and determine its acreage, soil types, and productivity
  • Determine the same for the remainder parcel that you wish to keep
  • Decide the best location or boundary for dividing the land
  • Isolate the tillable acreage and determine soil types and average productivity
  • Easily create and share reports for use in negotiations

For Land Professionals:

Land professionals (e.g., brokers, appraisers, professional farm managers) are experts at assisting their clients in meeting their unique property sales, acquisitions, valuation and management needs. As such, they need the flexibility to research, visualize, map, and share information on land in a variety of configurations. Land professionals can use this tool to:

  • Divide/map properties into multiple tracts for potential sale
  • Explore optimal tract acreages, boundaries, and influences on average productivity
  • Isolate, research and map part of a farm for valuation purposes
  • Consult landowners on dividing property among family or business entities

And as always, users have access to our industry-leading customer service and online Help Center for assistance in learning to use our new custom drawing tools.

To explore farmland values, land use, sold land, and land for sale in the 48 contiguous states, visit AcreValue.

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