Crop Yield

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Estimating Yields

Winter means planning and preparing for the coming growing season for many farmers, and here on the data science team we’re working with many of our farmer customers as they plan inputs and create financial forecasts based upon their yields and profits from previous years. In these times of low commodity prices especially, taking time […]


Yield Data Errors Today, Yield Costs Tomorrow

Regardless of whether your yield data comes from your combine, grain cart, or from truck scales, each source has shortcomings that will not only influence your farm decisions but may also have a negative financial impact. This harvest growers will spend significant time and money chasing down accurate yield data from combine yield monitors, grain […]


Three Ways to Run a Successful Harvest

What makes a successful harvest for Granular growers? Although every farm has a unique combination of crops, acreage, and labor, at Granular what we see in the most successful farms is how they apply the following three principles to ensure a successful harvest. Train and coordinate the team to run a more efficient operation “We […]