Farm Data

Making the Most of Growing Season 2019

The spring of 2019 has certainly been one for the history books. Between the flooding, excessive rainfall and mud that many in the Corn Belt have experienced, it’s been a frustrating year in farming for those who depend on Mother Nature to be a decent business partner. When you add in trade and commodity price […]


Tracking Quality at the Field Level

While quality has been long understood as a critical driver of profitability in specialty crop operations, it’s been overlooked from a planning and tracking perspective on the commodity side—until now, when margins are so thin. In today’s market, it can be just as important driver of revenue as yield. Some farmers track quality metrics in […]


The Real Value of Farm Data

Granular was featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article about farmers profiting from data generated on their farms. I wanted to expand on the ideas explored in that article and Granular’s perspective on the applications for farm data. Before co-founding Granular, I was an executive at Nielsen, a $6 billion global company that sells […]