Nitrogen 2020

Nitrogen Strategy #3 – Protect Your N Investment All Season

Part #1 Part #2 Part #3 We’ve covered the value of building a plan for every acre based on your historical data, and the importance of taking all your application variables into account. But even the best-laid nitrogen plan must contend with the whims of Mother Nature. And without a crystal ball, the only thing […]


Nitrogen Strategy #1 of 3: Play Favorites with your Acres

Part #1 Part #2 Part #3 Nine out of 10 farmers and agronomists agree: nitrogen is the corn input most likely to be voted “highest maintenance.” Based on the latest USDA ERS estimates, growers spend $42 to $62/acre on N (around $0.37/lb),  putting nitrogen as the biggest expense after seed on many operations. Given that […]