The Agronomic Factors You Need to Weigh Before Rotating in 2021

Any farmer knows what works for one field or crop won’t necessarily work for another. Agronomic factors influence every crop decision — everything from farming practices to geographic considerations like soil type, slope and weather can impact what works in your fields. Pioneer has been studying regional crop rotation for decades, so we asked Pioneer Agronomy […]


Gunz And Rows – What You Need to Know About Soils and Moisture

Everyone knows the foundation of growing a strong crop includes sunlight, warm temperatures, moisture, and soil. A seed is placed in the soil, imbibed with moisture, germinates with warm enough temperatures, and gathers energy from the sunlight. All four components work together, along with the seed genetics and proper management, to grow the crop out […]


Gunz And Rows – What’s Up With Nitrogen in Spring 2019?

I’d like to discuss the record rainfall and flooding taking place across the Corn Belt during spring of 2019 and what affects this has had on nitrogen that has been applied. We’ve been getting a number of questions from our field team members about what this precipitation is doing for nitrogen already applied to fields […]