Granular and Planet Give Growers Peace of Mind

For a farm operation to be successful, it takes a great deal of teamwork and collaboration, and the same is true for digital agriculture. Recently, Granular had the opportunity to work with our satellite imagery partner, Planet, to highlight just how their imagery comes to life through our Directed Scouting feature in Granular Insights.

To do this, we spent a few days on Tuttle Farms in Harrisburg, Illinois. From the rock-solid, complementary partnership of husband and wife team, Tim and Sandy Tuttle, to their close-knit relationship with Pioneer seed rep and advisor, Keith Oglesby, it was apparent just how much of Tuttle Farms’ success has grown out of good teamwork.

“Keith’s a crucial part of our farm,” said Sandy. But she is quick to note that he’s more than just their seed rep — he’s also become a close friend and truly a part of their farm and family.

Together, the Tuttles and Oglesby have employed Granular Insights to help Sandy and Tim see the sprawling acres of their farm at a level that can’t be achieved by simply walking the fields. “I log in to Granular Insights every time I get my scouting priority report each week. It helps me hit the hot spots,” said Sandy.

In one instance, Tim and Sandy discovered that one of their sprayers was clogged and inoperable. Concerned that it had been clogged all season, they worked with Keith and reviewed their Directed Scouting imagery to trace back exactly when the clog had started, learning that it had been working for a majority of the season. For Sandy, this was a relief. “It was good for my peace of mind.”

“Without Granular Insights, we’d still be doing our job, we just wouldn’t be doing as good of a job.”

In addition to monitoring for hot spots that need immediate attention, Keith regularly reviews the imagery just to see the overall plant health of their farm and the farms of other growers he works with, noting that it gives him the ability to see field conditions every single day — something he simply couldn’t do on foot. “Without Granular Insights, we’d still be doing our job, we just wouldn’t be doing as good of a job,” said Keith of how the digital tool has impacted his business as a seed rep and agronomist.

To see the Tuttle Farms story and how Granular Insights has become a teamwork tool for them and Keith, check out the video below.

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