Kennedy and Coe and Granular partner, arm farms to grow

Kennedy and Coe, LLC—the nation’s largest food and agriculture consulting and accounting practice—and Granular, Inc., a leader in farm-management software and analytics to the production agriculture industry, announce a strategic alliance to develop integrated products and collaborate around joint clients. The companies are co-developing a benchmarking service and will connect their respective accounting-software and farm management systems designed for professional farm operations.

Ag industry leaders pair to develop new farm management and analytics solutions.

“Working with farmers for over 80 years, we’re intimately familiar with how much farm business sophistication has soared over the decades, and exponentially, it seems, in the last five to ten years. So has the thirst for better data to make informed decisions,” said Jeff Wald, Kennedy and Coe’s CEO. “We believe that Granular’s farm-management platform combined with our financial advisory services gives leaders of dynamic farm businesses exactly what they need to achieve their aggressive growth goals.”
Granular and Kennedy and Coe plan to collaborate regularly with production-ag operations who want to expand, bringing the full complement of their combined advisory services to facilitate a higher level of success.
“Granular serves agriculture businesses that are working hard to expand geographically and become more professional,” said Granular’s CEO, Sid Gorham. “In addition to better software, these producers are looking for financial, tax, and strategic advisors to take them to the next level. We look forward to partnering with Kennedy and Coe’s agriculture experts to deliver an integrated package of advice, services, and technology. “
Farm Benchmarking
Kennedy and Coe and Granular will jointly assess the current management practices on the largest and most professional farms in the US. This involves surveying each functional area in a farm business (i.e. planning, production, cost accounting, grain marketing, financial accounting, tax, and human resources) with the goal of assessing the different levels of organizational maturity in each area. Survey participants will receive a detailed comparison of their operations alongside those of their peers. Kennedy and Coe and Granular intend to share the summarized results of the annual survey with the industry broadly.
Integrating Granular with Kennedy and Coe’s Accounting Software
Another important area of focus is to integrate Granular’s software with cloud-based accounting software supported by Kennedy and Coe’s financial, tax, and management consulting services. This software integration will give producers end-to-end visibility of their business from production activity to their financial statements while minimizing data entry and bookkeeping work. This also permits access by producers to services ranging from day-to-day accounting through CFO-level services and C-suite management advice.

About Granular

Granular is a breakthrough software and analytics platform designed specifically for the professional farm. After launching commercially in July 2014, Granular is being adopted by producers nationwide who are investing to make their businesses more professional, efficient, and profitable. Granular helps these producers organize their operational, financial, and agronomic data into one system and use it to make better decisions. Granular is backed by leading venture investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, and Khosla Ventures.

About Kennedy and Coe

Kennedy and Coe impacts businesses throughout the nation’s food-supply chain—from policy to plate—as the leading food and agriculture consulting and accounting firm in the US. In 2013, to round out its food and ag service offerings, Kennedy and Coe acquired Vela Environmental and AgKnowledge, companies that delivered proactive policy and legislative involvement, sustainability and resource planning, and detailed farm profit-margin management. Beyond production ag and food processing, the firm works in biofuels; ag-related manufacturing; equipment dealers; contracting, real estate, engineering, architecture, and technicians; and with rural community banks. Ranked among the 100 largest CPA firms in the US, Kennedy and Coe has offices in Kansas, Colorado, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Washington, DC.

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