Washington and Jefferson Would’ve Loved Granular

Would a US President ever use something like farm management software? You bet. At our nation’s founding, Granular would have been a welcome tool for farmers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson – both were progressive leaders, fervent about agriculture.
George Washington’s devotion to the agricultural innovations of his day was more than a natural desire to improve yields. He was acutely aware of the need for the new American nation to establish itself in the world, and he saw farming as the economic priority of the country. In 1791, in fact, he wrote to several farmers requesting information on their land, crops, yields, taxes, etc., effectively writing and conducting the nation’s first agricultural survey. He also created the nation’s first crop report, and tried to establish the National Board of Agriculture in 1796 (but failed after Congress rejected the idea).
Thomas Jefferson considered himself a farmer by profession. He was always searching for more progressive ways to work his plantations, even while travelling. He constantly recorded notes about the varieties of vegetables and fruits he planted: sowing locations, harvest dates, yields, and weather conditions. Jefferson was zealous about the need for farmers to share innovative ideas, improve crops, and use new machinery.
Jefferson was also a gadget guy. He had one of the original tricked-out offices at Monticello with rotating desktops, duplicating pens, and his Great Clock was synchronized mechanically to tell time inside, outside, and to mark passing hours for field workers. During his travels, Jefferson was on the lookout for any time-saving or clever device to ease work and allow for great efficiency of time and labor.
Washington and Jefferson would have loved Granular. Granular marries the latest in technology with the true passions of a farm manager: accuracy, efficiency, comprehensive records, and profitability. These Presidents could have tracked every seeding task and harvest load in Virginia from their homes at the early US Capitols. They could have monitored grain bin inventory and determined which crops fared most favorably with summarized records from all of the field laborers.
With Presidential leadership at the forefront of this election season, Granular users can truly consider themselves in league with our most celebrated national leaders.

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