What Our Funding Means for Granular Customers

Earlier this week, we announced our second venture financing round. The funding was analyzed in some business and agricultural trade publications, but I wanted to share my perspective on what the funding means for Granular’s customers.

VC funding allows us to build a great software product – fast

Almost every successful software company (from Apple to Zynga) was started with venture capital. That’s because building a great software product requires substantial upfront investment in technical talent (designers, developers, data scientists, etc.) before you can generate enough revenue from customers. With this most recent round, Granular has raised $25M in venture funding which is more than any other pure play software company in the agricultural industry. This will allow us to accelerate the pace of our product development and give our customers the new features they need faster.

… and expand our customer success team

Granular is building a hybrid team of software experts in San Francisco and farming experts who live close to the customers we serve. We do a lot of our work with customers over the phone but sometimes there is no substitute for talking face-to-face. Granular already has customers in 30 states and Canada so we need to continue to grow our team in these regions. Please let us know if you know good people in your area – we are hiring!

Granular is serving the most professional, successful farms in the industry. They have high expectations for our product, our team and our company. We have built a strong product but still have more work to do to deliver on our full vision. We take that responsibility very seriously, and this financing gives us the resources we need to exceed our customers’ expectations for years to come.

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