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A Comprehensive Third-Party Review of
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An Introduction

Farming never has and never will be a one–size–fits–all industry. As farmers become increasingly sophisticated in their use of data and technology, it’s not surprising that they want clarity on which digital ag solutions to choose. The number of options and features available in digital ag software, however, make that choice overwhelming. Likewise, every farm has different needs. One farmer and their advisors might be looking for software to address a single area of the farm business, while another might want to tackle multi-faceted, whole-farm capabilities.

At Granular, we recognize that the digital ag landscape is expansive and complex. Though we proudly stand behind Granular’s suite of digital solutions and its best-in-class support, we believe farmers and their advisers deserve to understand all of their options before they implement a digital ag solution. To that end, Granular invited Shane Thomas, a strategic agribusiness adviser and author of the Upstream Insights newsletter, to conduct a third–party review of some of the leading farming software solutions

The Digital Landscape

A review and comparison of core features, services and performance

by Shane Thomas

Farmers don’t adopt digital tools just for the sake of digitizing. Digital ag is about creating better outcomes for farmers. But which one for which farmer is the big question. Digital ag platforms have different strengths and weaknesses. Decisions must be made based on what the farmer prioritizes and needs. ROI rules, but that will be a different equation from one farm to the next.

I also like to remind farmers and farm advisers that the digital ag sector is evolving rapidly. It ultimately pays to partner with a nimble and agile platform that is able to adapt to new developments and forge relationships with industry partners.

But at the end of the day, the best digital ag choice for a farm operation comes down to matching the right platform with the farmer and their team. The right tool for the job is just as important when it comes to software.

My hope is that this review will provide some insight into selecting a digital ag tool and make the decision less painful for farmers and their team. My review is organized into four sections that apply to any farm software package, no matter how different their offerings might be.

Digital Ag Software Companies Reviewed

Nine farm software companies were included in this review. All are available to U.S.–based farmers, most are available to Canadian farmers and some are active in other countries as well.

AgDNA - A farm management platform with field and agronomic insights plus financial reporting. Serves farmers in Australia, the U.S., Canada and Europe. AgDNA is owned by CNH Industrial.
Climate FieldView - An agronomic, field and input visualization tool for real–time precision field management. Available in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Europe. Climate FieldView is owned by Bayer.
Conservis - A financials–focused platform with fintech functionality, business operations and in–field data management. Serves farms in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Russia. Conservis is privately held.
Farmers Edge - A platform built around variable rate technology, agronomic consulting and in–field data management. Active in Canada and the U.S. Farmers Edge recently went public on the Toronto Stock Market.
FarmLogs - A comprehensive farm data management platform offering field–centric services plus farm business operations. Focused on U.S. and Canadian farmers. FarmLogs is privately held.
Granular - A whole–farm, enterprise management platform combining agronomic, in–field services, farm operations and financial management. Available in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Australia. Granular is owned by Corteva AgriScience
Harvest Profit - Cost and profit–tracking software managing inputs, inventory, farm costs, profits and grain marketing. Available for U.S. and Canadian farmers. Harvest Profit is owned by John Deere.
Land.db (AgriEdge) - Focused on per–acre profitability, chemical usage and reporting, with budgeting and harvest tracking functionality. Active in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Land.db is owned by Syngenta.
Xarvio - Farm management tools focused on optimizing production, crop protection and field–level solutions. Available in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the U.S. and Canada. Xarvio is owned by BASF.

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