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Confused by all the different pricing structures (including free) offered by farm management software companies? Join the club.

There is no industry standard for digital ag pricing structure. The good news is there are so many pricing structures that there should be a digital option to match up with just about any farm’s level of need and budget.

The bad news is it makes it difficult to make an ‘apples to apples’ comparison of different FMS offers by costs against value.

Plus, just because two companies offer the same type of service (satellite imagery for instance) doesn’t mean they are provided at the same level of service.

Receiving two low-resolution satellite field images a month is a much different tool than near daily, high resolution, images plus weekly directed scouting reports sent to the farmer’s inbox.

For the purposes of this review, I identified four types of pricing structures digital ag software companies commonly utilize, to one extent or another. Several mix and match pricing structures.

Remember, cost does NOT reflect the types of services offered or their functionality. I will dive into that in the section on service and functionality. Although, no surprise, I generally see a much larger suite of services and level of functionality for the more expensive platforms. See my pricing structures detailed below.

There are many FMS companies offering some level of free digital ag services. But even ‘free’ comes in many different versions.

AgDNA has a bare-bones minimum free service. I expect most farmers will need to add on additional services as apps. Xarvio offers a limited version of their Field Manager Premium service but for only two fields which doesn’t get most farmers too far.

Other companies are bundling in a free version with their parent company’s offerings, obviously a strategy to capture sales and data for their other product lines. Climate FieldView has a limited free version of offerings, plus a more robust one-year free offer for growers that sign up for Bayer’s rewards program. Land.db, aka AgriEdge has a free version for farmers using Syngenta products.

Granular offers a free bundle of their most commonly used functions through their Granular Insights program. There is no signing-up for a rebate or committment to other product purchases required for Granular Insights.

Subscription services for FMS are typically offered either monthly, annually or both.

Climate FieldView Plus as a subscription service is available for $99 a year if you don’t sign up for the Bayer rewards program (and after the first free year). FarmLogs starts with a very basic program for $19 a month (up to 3000 acres, 1 user, 7 total features). FarmLog offers two more robust offers at $69/month and $149/month each offering more functionality. However, many core features offered by other programs are additional monthly app add-ons.

Harvest Profit is $1600 annually for basic service, but larger farms may need to sign up for their more robust consulting offer at $10,000. Xarvio’s Field Manager Premium is $400 a year.

Per acre software companies typically work on a “call for a quote” type basis that includes varying levels of service. Prices per acre generally go down the more acres you sign up (an advantage for larger farms) but each company is different.

Granular’s premium services are per acre. Granular Business (which includes Insights) starts at $3 an acre and Granular Agronomy (also includes Insights) starts at $7 an acre.

If you want seed scripts from Conservis, you’ll have to pay extra on top of their subscription program — $1 an acre.

I’ve already mentioned FarmLogs, they offer a monthly subscription service plus core features offered by other premium plans as apps — reports, work orders, satellite imagery, rainfall/heat history and marketing. FarmLogs apps generally run $30 a month (except for their heat/rain history app, which is $8 a month).

AgDNA is primarily pay-by-feature structured, offering 50 apps to enhance functionality past their initial free offer.

Granular offers a directed scouting feature, with Granular Insights or Granular Business. They also include a professional services add-on for Granular Business and a nitrogen modeling app for Granular Agronomy.

Service and Functionality Table

Company Free Version Subscription App-Add On Per Acre
Very Limited

Climate Fieldview Prime
(weather, scouting, simple data visualization, field summary, data inbox, cloud storage)

FieldView Plus
$99 a year, free w/Bayer PLUS rewards (yield analysis, field region reports, field health imagery manual seed scripts, manual fertility scripts, side-by-side visualization, remote view
Seed Scripts
Conservis       Per Acre
Farmers Edge       Per Acre
$19 a month (up to 3000 acres, 1 user seat, 7 features)

$69 a month (Lite plus activities, satellite imagery, local prices)

$149/month (Essentials plus custom activities, automatic activity reporting, work orders, p&l, reports, marketing, land costs)

Rain/Heat History
$8 a month

Work Orders
$30 a month

$30 a month

Basic Satellite Imagery
$30 a month

$30 a month
FieldView Plus   $99 a year, free w/Bayer PLUS rewards (yield analysis, field region reports, field health imagery manual seed scripts, manual fertility scripts, side-by-side visualization, remote view)    
Granular Insights
(weather, scouting, simple data visualization, field summary, data inbox, cloud storage)
Granular Insights Platinum (includes Directed Scouting): $1/acre

Granular Insights
Platinum Plus
(includes Directed Scouting and Nitrogen Essentials): $6/acre

For Granular Agronomy:

For Granular Business:
Harvest Profit  
$1600 a year for basic service. For high-level service, $10,000 a year. Includes 2 mtgs a month plus 1 onsite meeting plus data entry services.
w/ Syngenta Rebates
Free access to 2 fields with Field Manager Premium

Field Manager Premium $400 annual (field weather, reporting, field-maps, field zones, team organization, biomass maps, fertilizer maps, historic yield potential, map comparison, variable seeding maps, optimized crop protection, scouting)

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