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What to Look for in a Carbon Program

Before you sign up for any carbon program, make sure to fully understand three important things.

1 Am I getting top dollar?

Are my carbon credits independently certified?

Having carbon credits certified by an independent third party confirms that your credits meet the strict standards that buyers want and are willing to pay premium prices for.

Who is buying my credits?

It’s important to ensure that the program has guaranteed buyers lined up.

Am I guaranteed a minimum payment?

Knowing the minimum credit price helps you determine if the program is worth the investment in new practices.

2 What am I committing to?

Can I make agronomic changes if necessary without penalty?

Farming comes first and you need the flexibility to make agronomic changes based on your cash crop needs.

Can I opt out of the program without penalty?

Stuff happens. If you can no longer resume practices, you will need the option to exit the program without paying money back or a penalty.

Am I locked into a set price for my carbon credits?

Carbon markets are growing and credit prices are rising. You want a program that lets you benefit from market upside.

3 Is this worth my time?

Will I get agronomic support?

You’ll need advice and agronomic expertise to successfully introduce new practices.

What are the data requirements?

Understand the time and effort that’s required to record your practices plus the cost and ease of use of the software.

Is my data kept private and protected?

Review the program’s commitment to data privacy and protection.

Explore Your Options

  Corteva Bayer Truterra (TruCarbon) Cargill (RegenConnect) FBN (Gradable)
Certified Credits Yes Unknown Yes Yes Unknown
Buyers +10 major corporate buyers None Microsoft Securing buyers for 2022 None
Payment Up to $30/credit Up to $9/acre $20/credit $20/credit $14/credit
Contract 5 years 10 years 20 years 1 year 5 years
How Is Data Collected? Granular Insights (free software) Climate Fieldview Truterra Insights Engine RegenConnect Gradable

All offers updated as of December 2021

Learn how you can earn up to $30/credit
through Corteva’s Carbon Initiative