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Trey Hill, Owner/Partner

Harborview Farms

"Having everything in one place saves me time. My crew knows the order of events for the day without needing to call me or ask questions."

Kip Tom, CEO

Tom Farms

"I want to make sure I transition the knowledge that my grandfather passed on to my father and myself on to the next generation."

Jeff Harris, Manager

Crop Production Services

"The field we needed to spray was in the app with turn-by-turn directions. Granular takes the guesswork out of knowing where to go and what to do."

Shawn Feikema, CFO

Circle F Farms

"We’re making decisions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As I build historical data in Granular, those big decisions have backing."

Customer Profiles

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Silent Shade Planting Company

Belzoni, MS

“Being able to more accurately track costs, profit potential, and revenue helps us tremendously when we apply for our production loan at the local bank.” Learn how Trey Koger, Senior Agronomist, uses Granular for tracking, improving, and sharing his profitability.

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Walnut Grove Farms

Adairville, KY

Stephanie Halcomb, Operations Manager, uses Granular for real-time harvest and marketing decisions. “We use Granular to manage all of our contracts. The Revenue Forecast tool lets us track our futures prices and contracted quantities, so we know our projected sales.”

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Paulman Farms

Sutherland, NE

“Our biggest challenge is having a real-time understanding of our risk. Granular is a big piece of that puzzle so we can market 1 – 2 years out.” Read how Roric Paulman, Owner, is using Granular to capture real-time production costs for his marketing plans and forecasts.

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Clete Inc.

Gering, NE

Jeana Harms, CFO, uses Granular to make changes on the fly to catch billing and delivery errors right away. “Everyone uses the Granular mobile app to add how much was applied, where and when. I can then see the numbers in real-time on my desktop.”

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Running Lake Farms

Pocahontas, AR

Greg Baltz, CEO, uses Granular to always know his cost of production per field and profitability per crop. He can then identify exactly which farms are more conducive a particular crop: "we can decide how to change our cropping plans based on expected financials in Granular.”

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Anson Family Farms

Monroe City, IN

Ben Singleton, CFO, on machine data: “I like using Granular’s mobile app to capture work orders since my team doesn’t always enter the actuals correctly. And with Granular’s integration with John Deere, I can capture actual activity with machine data and flag mistakes immediately.”

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