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See Crop Health Anytime with Encirca Imagery

Optimize boots-on-the-ground efforts with satellite imagery to efficiently identify problem areas

“Encirca crop health imagery is something I can view on my phone anytime, anywhere. It is an instantaneous way to check how my crop is progressing.”

Jason Hagemenn
North Bend, NE

Scout Smarter, Not Harder

Make sure your time spent in the field has the biggest impact on yield.

  • See beyond drive-bys, edge rows, and “20 paces in” to truly see the health of your fields
  • Use crop health imagery to spot trouble areas within a field
  • Direct your team to the fields and areas in a field that need close inspection and diagnosis

See the Differences That Matter

Quickly see the changes in your fields that make a difference to your bottom line.

  • Use Health Changes maps to find issues early.
  • Spot issues throughout the growing season, before they impact yield.
  • Compare the performance of inputs and management practices within a field.

Address Crop Health Issues Early

Use daily satellite imagery to help catch issues before they turn into problems.

  • Identify nutrient deficiencies, pest stress and disease
  • Assess application issues and weather damage
  • Investigate potential equipment and irrigation issues

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