How a Potato Grower Found 11% More Profit Using Granular

Learn how Granular helped a real farm discover that their variety choice was costing them $800 per acre

Remmington Kendall, Role

December 1st, 2017

The most effective farm organizations use data to organize their production plans and make financially-driven decisions. There are common variables to consider when making these decisions that often include land costs, seed variety, fertilizers, and chemicals.

Does your data help you make decisions based on the profitability of those variables? How much does your variety choice impact your bottom line? What if you had your financial data organized to answer these questions?

In this case study, we examine how a Granular customer was able to answer these questions about their decision to farm early maturing potato varieties to speed up their cash flow. We took a look at how they used performance data to evaluate how this decision affected their per-acre profit on each potato variety.