Run a smarter business with industry-leading farm management software

“A couple of years ago during harvest there was a market rally where the price kept going up, and because we were able to know day by day how much grain we had in inventory with Granular, we were able to calculate that out and sell our crop at the right price.”

Jeremy Jack,  Silent Shade Planting Company

Improve Profitability

  • Make informed bottomline decisions on your crops, fields, and inputs
  • Get a real-time pulse on tasks, costs, and revenues
  • Capture on-field activity to manage profitability

Increase Efficiency

  • Connect your fields to the office in real-time
  • Eliminate the guesswork when planning, planting, or harvesting
  • Control your cost of production across crops, fields, and enterprise

Our Most Popular Business Benefits

Analyze Profits

Measure profitability in real-time at the enterprise, crop and field-level

Measure Yield Variability

See what’s driving current and future yields

Control Inputs & Inventory

Know projected and actual usage and costs

Forecast Revenues & Profits

Compare your plan and historical data to intelligently course correct

Crop & Field Planning

Create dynamic operational plans in a few clicks

Mobile Teamwork

Assign and monitor work from any device

Seamless Connectivity

Avoid manual entry by integrating information from multiple sources

Succession Planning

Capture your knowledge for future generations

Transparent Communication

Share data and reports with partners, advisors, lenders

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