Granular + John Deere

Granular and John Deere have partnered to bring you integrated tools that turn your precision data into actionable business insights

Get Profit Maps - Free

Instantly see your field profitability with Granular Profit Maps

See estimates of your field profitability in the John Deere Ops Center. Estimates are based on input cost averages and revenue estimates based on the USDA Risk Management Agency’s prices.

Understand your farm and field profitability at a whole new level with Granular Business

  • Connect the field to the office to get more done
  • Make informed field-level financial decisions based on your own data
  • Minimize input costs by comparing your prices to industry averages and with better real-time input inventory controls
  • Keep a rolling forecast of costs, yield and price
  • Streamline sharing your data with business partners and stakeholders

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