Granular Insights in the John Deere Operations Center – Farmer FAQ’s

Q: What is Granular Insights?

A: Granular Insights is a powerful free tool from Granular that connects agronomic and financial analysis to give you insight into the economic impact of your decisions on every acre. It’s powered by machine data, making it the easiest way to capitalize on all the data you’re already collecting.

Q: How much does Granular Insights cost and who can use it?

A: Granular Insights is a free tool that is available today in the United States for corn and soybean farmers. However, we’re looking to quickly expand to additional crops and are evaluating follow-on geographies.

Q: What is Granular Insights in the Operations Center?

A: Granular Insights users who have their data fueled by the John Deere Operations Center are able to opt-in to send their financial layers (Revenue, Seed Cost, and Return on Seed) back to the John Deere Operations Center.

Q: What does a user need to do in order to see layers in the Operations Center

A: Users need to do five steps to see a layer in the Operations Center

  • Create a Granular Insights account at or from the Granular Link in the Operations Center []
  • Within Granular Insights, make a connection to the John Deere Operations Center from the data tab or from the first screen when you first login
  • When making your connection to the Operations Center, make sure you opt-in to sending layers back as you map your operations across systems
  • Granular Insights will then download a user’s field operations data, add in default prices, and then send financial layers back to John Deere (can take up to 24 hours)

Q: How can I edit my actual costs and prices?

A: You can edit your costs in Granular Insights on the web or on your phone’s web browser. From the John Deere Operations Center, there will be a link that will take you directly to Granular Insights where you can edit specific costs and prices. Any updates will be refreshed and sent back to the Operations Center.

Q: What will happen to Profit Maps?

A: Granular Profit Maps is being retired with the launch of Granular Insights. Existing Profit Maps users will continue to see past layers. Please note that layers will no longer be updated and no new layers will appear.

Q: How do I remove a profit map event from my John Deere Operations Center account?

A: Functionality does not exist today inside the John Deere Operations Center to remove events. To remove profit map events/layers from Field Analyzer entirely, please contact John Deere Global Support Center, provide an organization ID, and request Profit Map events be removed.

Q: Where are seed costs populated within Granular Insights?

A: Seed costs are national benchmarks based on a mixture of Purdue and University of Illinois averages. The default numbers populated are to reflect all corn at $269/bag and all soybeans to $53.90/bag.

Q: What happens in replant scenarios?

A: If a farmer replants, machine data will show that additional seed has been applied. This will often result in seed cost being double-counted even if the second planting event has no seed cost to a farmer due to relationships with seed companies. While there is no way to adjust this today if the seed is the same, most farmers plant a unique, shorter-maturity variety that may be able to be adjusted to account for this scenario.

Q: How often are seed costs updated within Granular Insights?

A: Seed costs are updated annually, but can be edited by a user with financial permissions at any time.

Q: What crops does Granular Insights work with?

A: For right now, Granular Insights works best with corn and soy acres in the United States.

Q: Is the price listed from Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) within Granular Insights the spot price or the future price?

A: The Crop price listed within Granular Insights is the current futures price when looking at last years yield data. For example, when looking at the 2018 Corn Yield, the default CBOT price is using the December 2019 futures price.

Q: How often are the crop prices ($/bu) updated from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) within Granular Insights?

A: CBOT prices update at the end of each day with the current futures price. This occurs around 2:30pm CST, Monday through Friday.

Q: What is the maximum number of users that can be added to my operation in Granular Insights, and what will they see when I invite them?

A: You can add an unlimited number of people to your operation and control their level of access by specifying a role for each individual: View, Editor or Admin.

  • Viewers can view fields only
  • Editors can view, edit, and add fields
  • Admins can view, edit and add fields as well as manage operation settings

Q: I’ve imported field activities, but the data isn’t displaying on maps or summaries.

A: After data is imported, it can take up to 24 hours to display. If data is not displayed, there may be an issue with the field boundary or data itself. Contact our support team if you do not see your information displayed after 24 hours.

Q: What devices does Granular Insights in the Ops Center work on?

A: Farmers can see their layers in both Granular Insights as well as the John Deere Operations Center and associated applications (MyOps on mobile, Connect Mobile in the cab). Any actual cost or price updates entered by the user will be refreshed in the Operations Center.

Q: What is the difference between the Granular Insights app and Granular Insights in the Ops Center?

A: For its initial release, Granular Insights users who have their data fueled by the John Deere Operations Center are able to opt-in to send their financial layers (Revenue, Seed Cost, and Return on Seed) back to the John Deere Operations Center. Insights on harvest moisture, planting dates and upcoming seeding rate and nitrogen Insights are only available in the Granular Insights App.

Q: What internet browsers are supported by Granular Insights?

A: Granular Insights is currently supported on the following browsers.

  • Windows-based PCs – Chrome (current version)
  • Mobile App (iPad) – Mobile Safari (current version)
  • Macintosh – Chrome (current version)

Q: How often do you release new features?

A: Our team is continuously working on improvements driven by customer feedback and requests. You can expect regular releases with new or updated features along with clear communications so you know exactly what is changing.

Q: Where can I get help if I need it?

A: Check out the Granular Insights Help Center for tutorials and step-by-step instructions, along with contact information for our team of customer support experts.

Q: How will my personal information be used?

A: Your personal information, which is any information that identifies you as an individual, will be used to provide the services and products you request. For example, this may include analysis we do for decision support, to fulfill requests, or to provide administrative information. We may also use your personal information for certain business purposes, such as to improve our products and services going forward. Your personal information may also be reviewed by our Customer Success team to help you improve usage of the product to get more value, and by our Product Development team to identify software bugs or areas of improvement.

We may also use your personal information to inform you of potential products or opportunities of interest, but you can opt out of marketing communications at any time by emailing us at [email protected].

We will not use your personal information for any other purpose unless you give us consent, except when we are legally required to or to protect our legal rights. For example, we will not use your data personal information to help seed or other inputs manufacturers price seed or inputs or sell them to you.

Q: Do I own the personal information that I put into Granular Insights?

A: Yes, you own your personal information and other information you provide to us, and we may only use it for the purposes described in our privacy terms or when we have otherwise obtained your consent. If you authorize us to share your data with other precision agriculture service providers, we presume that you own your information.

Q: Who will have access to my information?

A: Your information will be accessible by our Product Development and Customer Success teams for the purposes outlined above. Neither Granular, nor Corteva Agriscience sales reps will have access to your financial information or sensitive information like personal identification numbers or passwords unless the customer chooses to grant them access. In certain circumstances other individuals may have access to your information, but only if a customer explicitly grants them access to their Granular software account or authorizes them to use it.

We may disclose your information to third party service providers to help us provide services. Examples of these may include web-hosting service providers or retailers, collaborators to help us improve our products, financial institutions to apply for credit for our products, or to sponsors of sweepstakes or other promotions.

Q: Will you sell my personal information?

A: No. We will not sell your personal Information to any third parties. We may use aggregated information that is derived from your information to create value internally or with third parties in the future, primarily in the form of analysis to improve products and services.
We will never sell or share your financial information or aggregated data containing financial data with any third parties due to its highly sensitive nature.

Q: How do I know my personal information is secure?

A: All traffic and data in the Granular network is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS). This is the same level of encryption and security used in online banking applications and transactions.

Q: Can I get a copy of my personal information if I leave Granular?

A: Yes. You can request a copy of your personal information at any time by emailing [email protected] with a request, and we will send you all of your personal information that we can extract from the system within thirty days after the request.

Q: Can I delete my personal information from Granular if I leave?

A: Yes. You can request that we delete your personal information at any time. We will have thirty days from the request to delete all personal information, but we will be unable to extract the underlying aggregated data and other data from our models and learnings that resulted from the use of your personal information.

For example, if there is information that associates a given yield with a combination of seeds and crop inputs in 2016, that combination of information may be retained within an agronomic model to support future decision analysis. However, we will not know where that information came from, as all personally identifying information would be deleted upon request.

Q: Which industry data alliances do you participate in and what industry standards do you align to?

A: Granular is part of the Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA) and AgGateway, and we adhere to the Farm Bureau Privacy Principles.

Q: Can I opt-out/opt-in to communications from Granular?

A: Yes, you can change your communication preferences at any time in your Granular Insights Account Settings.