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Get ahead of the game and make better decisions based on real-time data during harvest

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“I can see the trucks coming in real-time and instantly know that we are measuring accurate yields and tracking every load. I have confidence in the numbers and that nothing is missing.”


Trey HIll, Harborview Farms

All your hard-earned work for the year comes down to just a few weeks during harvest. This year simplify your farm harvest operations, reconcile yield data coming from multiple sources, and manage your marketable crop inventory with Granular.

Farm Harvest Operations

Manage an efficient harvest operation

  • Assign operators to specific harvesters, lifters, carts, and trucks.
  • Provide instructions, turn-by-turn directions to fields, and progress tracking across all devices.
  • Record weights, moisture, and quality metrics during harvest.
  • Send yield data back to the office in real-time and automatically update your inventory.

Harvest Reconciliation

Simplify how you reconcile and report your crops during harvest season

  • Consolidate yield-tracking spreadsheets into one simple dashboard.
  • Manage payments, catch errors, and reconcile total production.
  • Automatically calculate landowner crop shares and generate supporting yield reports.
  • Generate PDF yield-by-field reports for you and your landowners.

Harvest Inventory Management

Know where your inventory stands throughout harvest and better market grain to customers

  • Generate real-time inventory reports by location, owner, or contract.
  • Record crop deliveries and easily monitor how much left to sell.
  • Forecast your production revenue in real-time to monitor risk exposure.

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