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Farm Management Software

With tighter crop margins than ever before, production efficiency is the key to remain profitable. Granular’s farm management software helps farmers reduce production costs, track operations, and run a more profitable farm.

Understand Your Farm Financials

Analyze and improve the profitability of each of your fields

  • Quickly build your farm budget and track cost of production actuals
  • Analyze input and land costs on acre, bushel and contribution margin basis
  • Spot opportunities to improve the profitability of your operation

Optimize Your Farm Operations

Efficiently plan, manage and record your field work

  • Easily create crop plans and assign them to each of your fields
  • Improve your team’s efficiency and communication with mobile task management app
  • Monitor your team’s progress in the field in real time from any device
  • Eliminate record keeping hassles by auto-importing as-applied and yield files

Control Your Farm Inputs

Manage your input costs and keep a real-time inventory

  • Easily estimate your input requirements and budget based on your crop plans
  • Negotiate better with input price benchmarks from other Granular users
  • Control input inventory from delivery to invoice to application

Data Driven Farming

Manage your crop revenue and inventory

  • Estimate and measure yield on every field
  • Control crop inventory from field to storage to customer
  • Manage your marketing program and contract settlement
  • Share data and production history with landlords, customers and other parties

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