What's a Single Decision Worth?

See how farms like yours are making financially-driven decisions with Granular

Even a $0.10 swing in futures can put your crop below or above your cost of production if you sell - but how much profit would that be?

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There was a market rally where the price kept going up, and because we were able to know day by day how much grain we had in inventory with Granular, we were able to calculate and reconcile that out to sell our crop - that can be worth $50, $60, $100k.
Jeremy Jack, Silent Shade Planting Company

Crop rotation, yield, and price matters, but creating the most profitable crop plan or crop mix strategy for the upcoming season means knowing how each crop, input, and field contributed to your bottom line.

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Granular helped me discover that at least five fields of corn would be barely profitable. I switched the crop plan on those fields and now I'm projecting an additional $30,000 in profit.
Greg Baltz, Running Lake Farms

Productivity without profitability can waste valuable resources. With the state of commodity prices, knowing your P&L by field is the only way to improve profitability.

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Only after using Profit Analyzer did we realize that our highest margin fields were those farthest from home, so we shifted priority to these fields, creating a $25,000 net improvement in dollar yield.
Kip Tom, Tom Farms

Granular gives you a living financial picture of your business all year round.