Granular just got more powerful

Unlock more accurate field-level financials with improved equipment and labor cost tracking

It’s now even easier to track equipment and labor costs in Granular.

Labor and equipment costs account for up to 25% of a farm’s budget. Yet farmers often struggle in-season to quickly pinpoint true costs of their work crew and equipment fleet when making in-season decisions. Granular’s newest feature collects actual labor and equipment costs as work is completed in the field.

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“I spend a lot less time on the phone now. Granular helps our operation by tracking everything, including fuel costs, tractors, and labor costs. Now we have a lot more information on where we’re adding to our farm and what our costs are. It saves us a lot of time and money.”

Steve Frank,  Frank Ag, Colorado

Make data-driven equipment purchases.

Optimize for the right amount of equipment for the size of your operation.

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Calculate accurate field-level profitability.

See your bottom line in-season based on actuals, not your gut.

Ensure your team gets the right work done.

Easy collaboration for your whole team, so your farm runs efficiently.

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