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Why Granular Business?

Granular Business connects the work happening in the field to the activities and analysis that happen in the office, allowing you to make the most of your data and manage your farm with unprecedented control.

While leveraging your yield data to its full potential, you’ll drill into cost of production and field-level financials like never before, enabling your 2019 data to empower your 2020 decisions — and ultimately success.

photo of Trey Hill

“I can see the trucks coming in real-time and instantly know that we are measuring accurate yields and tracking every load. I have confidence in the numbers and that nothing is missing.”

Trey Hill,  Harborview Farms

Our Most Popular Business Benefits

Analyze Profits
Measure true profitability in real-time
at the enterprise, crop and field-level

Measure Yield Variability
See what’s driving current
and future yields

Seamless Connectivity
Avoid manual entry by integrating
information from multiple sources

Forecast Revenues & Profits
Compare your plan and historical
data to intelligently course correct

Mobile Teamwork
Assign and monitor work from
any device

Transparent Communication
Share data and reports with partners,
advisors, lenders

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