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We partnered with Tanner Winterhoff and David Whitaker, hosts of the Farm4Profit, to produce podcasts for farmers all focused on one thing: how to drive profitable decisions. See a summary of each podcast below, and hear from Granular leaders and customers on how we’re working to help farmers become more efficient and profitable. You can find Farm4Profit iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or listen below via your browser.

Latest Episode

Anthony Lackore — Corteva Area Digital Leader

Anthony Lackore headshot

Episode 38: Updates for Tax Planning Season — In this episode you will learn about the opportunities with Granular software that help you stay more organized, informed and prepared each year with Corteva Area Digital Leader Anthony Lackore. We then explore the changes and updates to the tax code as it relates to your farm and agriculture. Gifting, estate tax, counting government payments as income, and Section 179 are just a few of the topics covered.

photo of David Hedt

David Hedt

Episode 37: Could You Farm More Precisely? — Tanner claims this episode may be the most valuable to your farming operation. Join him and David in a conversation with Australian born David Hedt about his unique inventions Outback Wraps and Motherbins. The guys then move on to a learning session with Granular's Josh Kayser about precision agronomy. How can combining soil sampling, variable rate technology, and precision software boost your profitability? Tune in!

photo of Colorado

Dallas Welp

Episode 36: Preparing for a Successful Meeting With Your Banker — David and Tanner help prepare you for the next conversation you have with your banker and provide tips on the proper structuring of debt, the best time to refinance, and putting a banker on your bench. This is all after getting to chat with Dallas Welp, a farmer in Colorado, about what's working on his farm. His use of the Granular Business and Agronomy platforms help his farm succeed.

photo of Ken O'Brien

Ken O'Brien
Corteva Digital Channel Leader

Episode 35: Your Farm's Future; Transferring Wealth, Knowledge, and More! — Tanner and David introduce you to Ken O'Brien, Corteva Digital Channel Leader. They talk about all the software tools available to help you manage your profitability. Tanner and David then roll into a conversation with Jessman Smith of Principal Financial Group to gain access to tips for making sure as much of your wealth gets transferred to the next generation.

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We partnered with Tim Hammerich, host of the Future of Ag, to produce podcasts all about ag technology and innovation. See a summary of each podcast below and listen in to hear from Granular Business customers and our CEO on how we’re working to help farmers become more efficient and profitable. You can find Future of Ag on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or listen below via your browser.

Latest Episode

Glen Newcomer & Jason Newcomer, Ohio

Newcomer Farms logo

Episode 153: Today's Farm Economy vs. the 1980s — Glen and Jason Newcomer are the owners of Newcomer Farms, a diversified operation in Bryan, Ohio. In addition to farming corn and soybeans, they operate a crop insurance business and sell seed.

Glen and Jason share a first-hand experience of how they are approaching succession planning on the farm today as they move into the 6th generation. They provide a wealth of management practices that have worked on their farm, including: forming an Advisory Board, creating a “When I Die” folder, and adopting software such as Granular Business.

“Our family has always made the emphasis on passing the baton to the next generation and helping that next generation.” — Glen Newcomer

photo of Dick Whitman

Dick Whitman

Episode 138: Becoming a Farm CEODick Wittman, ag consultant and Idaho farmer, is passionate about helping family farms improve their financial and transitional processes. The TEPAP instructor joined Tim to talk about the skills required to manage family farm businesses and some "quick wins" they can adopt in order to to ensure their future success.

Dick also shared a Farm Management Proficiency Test that growers can complete to gain understanding on how they stack up when it comes to management practices.

photo of Missouri

Jeff Sims & Garrett Sims

Episode 137: Managing a Multi-Generational Farm Business — Jeff and Garrett Sims are the owners of Sims Farms, a family-owned and operated ag business in Missouri. They’re the 4th and 5th generation to manage its day-to-day operations, which include commercial soybean and corn production.

Jeff and Garrett share how they run the farm, the people they employ, and the crops they grow. They discuss how they adapted to new technologies and how Granular has served as one of their best investments. They also explain the importance of knowing which “shiny object” to focus on and how to tell if a new tool is worth your time.

“It's great to sell a product, but you have to have people and systems in place to make it work.” — Jeff Sims

photo of Sid Gorham

Sid Gorham
Granular, Inc.

Episode 136: Scaling an Agtech Company — Our CEO Sid Gorham joined Tim to share how Granular enables farmers to operate and manage their farms better. He also shared his passion for tech, his interests in applying tech in farms, and how he got inspired to start Granular.

He describes the agtech problems that Granular helps solve, explains how our business works, and how we integrate new farmers into the platform. He also discusses some of the current innovations in ag, as well as shares his thoughts on the future of farming and agriculture.

“In the next 3-5 years, we're going to see a dramatic change in how farmers market their crops and use risk management tools.” — Sid Gorham

photo of Nebraska

Justin Dahlgren & Eric Thalken

Episode 135: Managing the Modern Farm Business — Justin Dahlgren and Eric Thalken are farm managers in Nebraska and current Granular Business customers.

Justin and Eric joined Tim and shared their passion for agriculture and how they utilize technology to optimize farm management. They discuss what their farms are all about, the crops they produce, and their specific roles. They also explain how farm owners should interpret data in a way that benefits their farming operations and share what they believe the future of agriculture will be like in 25 years.

“Regenerative agriculture will become a commodity because that will be the only way to produce crops that people want to consume.” — Justin Dahlgren

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