Professional Services
Spend more time with your customers & less time in the office.

Knowledgeable professionals to deliver results from your digital solutions.

The professional services team has been proud to deliver solutions ranging from machine data reconciliation, reports and precision agronomy solutions.

Data Reconciliation
Regular monitoring of machine data from equipment to ensure the information is loaded, reviewed and ready to use.

Reporting and Analysis
Easily manage what is happening with each of your customers with detailed summaries sent to your inbox throughout the season.

Variable Rate Solutions
Save time building customer relationships by allowing us to create VRS, fertility or N recommendations based on your knowledge of the field.

Create more time in your day

Get out of the office and in front of your growers. Not every agency has the staff, time or energy to manage data across all their operations. Utilize trained and knowledgeable professionals to help take care of the back office work of reviewing, editing and cleaning field operations data so you’re ready to use the valuable reports and analysis tools to bring Insights with your growers.

Acreage Reporting Made Easy

Use the data you’re already collecting to report planted acres.

Don’t spend hours in the office pulling together your planted acres report this spring — work with our Professional Services team so you can get back to the decisions that impact yield and profitability on your operation.

Get access to the expertise of a Professional Services Consultant

Every recommendation we make is based on decades of Corteva’s industry-leading research and patented agronomic models, and is customized to each farm.

Choose Granular Agronomy for fertilizer or Granular Agronomy + N to receive fertilizer, seeding, nitrogen modeling/recs, and weekly updates via email.

What's in it for you?

An easy button for creating variable rate recommendations to build stronger relationships with your customers through increased touchpoint and more comprehensive solutions.

Increased value for
the customer

Variable rate recommendation
offering for customers

Less time spent tied up
behind a computer

Team of software & agronomy experts
to do the office work