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An Introduction to Crop Management Software (CMS)

Farmers have invested in technology for decades. Auto-steer, variable rate, biotechnology and other innovations were all quickly adopted by farms. But farms have not invested as heavily in Crop Management Software versus other technologies. Why not? The real reason has little to do with farmers themselves. Until recently, Crop Management Software (CMS) couldn’t deliver significant […]


The Real Value of Farm Data

Granular was featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article about farmers profiting from data generated on their farms. I wanted to expand on the ideas explored in that article and Granular’s perspective on the applications for farm data. Before co-founding Granular, I was an executive at Nielsen, a $6 billion global company that sells […]


The (Surprisingly Simple) Reason Behind the Variability of Returns of VRT

One of the biggest stories in agriculture in the last 5 to 10 years has been the development of variable rate technology (VRT) for planting and the potential economic gains that it enables.  An enormous amount of attention has been placed on both the hardware that allows variable placement of one or more hybrids and […]