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Stop Negotiating Your Land Rents by the Acre

Pick up any farming magazine right now, and you’ll probably find several articles discussing how land rents need to drop in response to low commodity prices. Many of the articles that try to calculate how much rental prices need to drop (such as this good piece by Gary Schnitkey) tend to approach the question by […]


Are You Negotiating Farm Rent in $75 Increments?

As farmers look for ways to be profitable with current crop prices, many are showing a renewed interest in crop share agreements as a way to better manage land costs. While there is a wide range of custom land agreement options (bonuses, crop sharing, input cost sharing, to name a few), it is still very […]


Can Crop Shares Come Back to Life?

It is no secret that crop share rents have been in long-term decline in the Midwest [1].  The reasons can be several:  In some cases, landowners have moved away from farm communities and are no longer as involved in what is going on with their land. In others, landowners may prefer a steady cash payment […]