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Managing Profitable Farm Expansion: From the Office to the Field

A graduate of Iowa State University studying Ag business, economics, international Ag, and political science, Dakota went to work for a large diversified farming operation and private equity group in central Iowa. Working in Business Development, Dakota aided in the growth of the farm in additional states through development, acquisition, and management. Today, Dakota works […]


From the Office to the Field: Managing Operational Efficiency

I grew up on a grain farm in northern Illinois and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Consumer Economics from the University of Illinois.  After college I took a job with an ag consulting firm in Indianapolis where I worked on market research and strategic planning projects.  I made the move to Granular because […]


Corn or Soybeans… That is the Question

With farm profitability at historically low levels, most farms are carefully scrutinizing their budgets and looking for ways to improve their bottom line. In this post we’ll take a look at a major business decision that many farmers face each year: should I plant more corn or soybeans? While many acres are typically not open […]