What Is Granular

What is farm management software?

By farm management software, we refer to software that collects, synthesizes and analyzes data on farm business processes like planning, budgeting, cost and inventory management, marketing, etc. Farm management software should help you run your farm more efficiently and more profitably.

You’re in San Francisco, not in the midwest. How do you know farming?

The members of our leadership team have both personal and professional ties to agriculture (read their bios). Members of our Industry Advisory Board lead some of the country’s best farms, and they are very involved with the direction of our company. Most importantly, we continuously collaborate with our customers to make sure we’re improving the Granular platform with farmers’ needs in mind. Our Customer Success and Sales team members are located all across the country, and have agricultural experience. But having some of our functions in San Francisco also means we have access to the best software developers and latest technology.

What kind of farms benefit from Granular? Is it designed for large farms only?

We believe that every farm leader looking to run a more efficient, profitable, professionalized farming operation benefits from implementing Granular, no matter the acreage.

How does Granular benefit different members of my team?

Different members of your team will benefit from Granular in specific ways, depending on their roles:

  • CEO/CFOs are able to run a more profitable operation with accurate and real-time cost and revenue data, at a field and enterprise level
  • Bookkeepers save time by eliminating manual data entry (especially during hectic times like harvest!), and automatically managing and recording all transactions
  • Ops managers get more out of their team through easier task, schedule and people management
  • Agronomists are able to communicate and execute recommendations more accurately and when they matter most

Does Granular replace my accounting software?

No, accounting software is typically used to generate historical financials, manage accounts receivables (AR) and accounts payables (AP), and run payroll. Granular, aside from helping you manage your daily operations, provides forward-looking financial projections for managerial decision making, input and crop inventory management, grain marketing, etc.

You should continue using your accounting software for enterprise-level historic accounting in conjunction with an ag-focused, forward-looking program like Granular for managerial accounting.

How does Granular sync with my accounting software?

By layering Granular data into your financial statement (and layering accounting data into your Granular budget and P&L), you can ensure your historic financial statements, annual budget, and projected P&L’s are as accurate, timely, and standards-based as possible.
This means you are better positioned to can secure low-cost funding from lenders, generate accurate landowner statements, and perform higher-quality internal analysis.

Syncing Granular with your accounting software also means you’ll streamline your AR/AP process – you avoid double data entry and you ensure errors are caught immediately.

What crop types do you support?

Granular currently supports more than 230 crop subspecies, and we are adding new ones all the time. From all row crops to most specialty crops, chances are we work with what you grow on your farm. Please contact us to make sure we support your specific crop mix.

What is the Granular Network?

The Granular Network is comprised of our customers, industry partners, and Industry Advisory Board members. Members of the Granular Network have exclusive access to events, thought leadership, benchmarking analytics, and offers for products and services specifically designed for Granular farms.